The 'art' of fine art photography

There are many considerations that go into the concept of 'fine art' photography.  Perhaps the most important is that it should please the viewer no matter what the artist or the critics think.  However, I believe it is about creating photographs that evoke a sense of wonder at the world around us.  A photograph that you can put on your wall and every time you see it think to yourself, "I know just why I bought that photograph.  It reminds me about....."  The pictures in this gallery will rotate as I have extensive files built up over decades of travel.  But each photograph is intended to make the viewer think about the wonder of the world.  Whether its the dignified old lady pouring tea for guests with hot water from a kettle heated by precious propane in a makeshift hut erected in the high Himalayas or the stately lion bathed in early morning sun on the plains of Kenya.

The images are intended not just to show you a scene, but to give you reason to reflect upon what you are seeing.  Think about the life of the girl clutching an old battered cup and an ear of corn for her lunch in the mountains of Peru.  What is she thinking?  How lucky are our children who have so much more?

Look at the circles in the earth in the highlands of Iceland.  What part of the volcanic activity which created this island caused these?

Some viewers will desire pictures of animals, some will like pictures of people, some will prefer interesting scenery.  I will make a variety of all of these available here.  Each with the goal of evoking a sense of wonderment not only in yourself, but those who see them on display in your home an office.  A point to initiate a discussion about the beauty of the world

Thank you,

Please enjoy them