Me at the Top

About the Photographer

Thomas Lehman

These photographs are the product of over twenty years of photographic travel spanning all seven continents. 

I have worked and studied with photographers from a variety of photographic educational institutions and traveled the world seeking out scenes of exceptional beauty to present to you. 

Being there and seeing these scenes has been a wonderful experience and I can only hope that having them on display in your home or office will bring you and equal sense of joy in the wonders and beauty of the world.

About the Photographs

All limited edition prints are available in each of three sizes, including 12x18, 16x24 and 20x30. Each image is custom printed on high quality archival paper. Each print will be inspected for perfection prior to being signed and released. 

The prints on display will be available on a rotational basis. You will be notified when the current displayed prints will be replaced.